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used his technology and s discovery to make mainly gain. >>reporter: cell are known as induced stem cell or i p s cell. the doctor believes they will be used in practical therapy including treating eye disee le malar degerati. >> i ink is ready to yvshti colleagueescribe the doctor as humble. bordering on shy. they say he's unlike will i to change despite the intense international spotlight. >> i about i'm basic scientist. >> basic scientist. carolyn hnson repoing conats to him. >> noing bac aboutn austriareevil either. felix is about to take sky diving to new height. tomorrow a balloon will lift felix capsule from new mexico up to 122,000 feet. that's where he plans to jump in a pressurize suit and drop more than 22 miles back to earth. he know what is to expect after previous jump recently from 96,000 feet. fichlt standing there in a pressure suit the only thing you hear is yourself breathing and you can seethe curve of the earth and see the sky totally black. >>reporter: he's also trying to be the first man outside a vehicle to break the speed of sound. higher altitude f
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phone, wallet and backpack. officers use the phone's mobile tracking app and the department's technology to locate te minan ud in the robberand recor t stol its. >>> aerkeyuilding inspectorill decide whether it is safe for fire investigators to enter a home that burned for several hours this morning be -- that left a family of five displaced. these pictures show tower flames police officers had to deal with when they raced inside to rescue a disabled woman. >> the heat and smoke were just above their heads. they entered into an atmosphere which would be allenging. >> they e hers. >> i m mind they a heroes fire crews kept the flames from spreading to nearby homes. >>> critical moment in the presidential race is hours away. next, preparing for the first debate. what political experts say each candidate must do to win over voters in a tight race. >>> if your candidate of choice doesn't make it to white house, one airline is offering you a chance to escape theÑóÑó i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that is
. >> the national co chair of technology for obama turns this nightclub on howard street into a place for 500 obama supporters to watch the great debate. >> i think obama has kept his cool. i think he has answered everything in reasonable, honest , nonmudslinging ways. >> i think obama is doing a good job. he has had a few zingers on romney. romney is cardboard and very flat. >> others critique the moderator for limiting the banter. >> they both looked uncomftable. it looked like he was not allowing either to debate. >> but there was a different take on the debate across the bay in walnut creek where the gop supporters convened. >> romney came out much stronger than obama figured he would. >> as the debate progressed, the mixed personality and his innate ability to have people trust in him came forward. >> mitt romney had the facts. obama was without the facts. >> quite frankly obama looked like he was flownderring. floppedderring. he -- flownderring. he didn't know what to say. >> that was one of the best debate performances in a generation. >> of course there is no way to really score tonight. it
the passingoftev jobs. the mpany posted a video online. >> technology married with liberal arts with the humanities that yields us to resolve that makes our hearts sing. >> apple chief died of cancer at age 56 in cupertino the city's blue flag at the community center is flying at half-staff today the mayor says it is a great way to acknowledge jobs' profound local impact. >>> union square's newest clothing store is open for business this morning. a japanese store offering apparel in a rainbow of colors it opened before 10:00 on powell street a block south of union square. the new store will have the so-called magic mirror it lows customers try on one jacket and electronically the color to see how it looks in another color. >> fascinating. >>> increasing clouds in the north bay. sunny out there in parts of the bay, as you look towards our high-definition emeryville camera you can see filtered sun. how that will impact the forecast today and the weekend. >>> san francisco's busiest weekend is officially underway. the music is playing in golden gate park, it is gre ron: years ago i made a promise to p
technology works. sensors buried below ground automatically alert the nearest border patrol office. one over there when they detect a certain weight whether a smuggler or illegal cross error even large animal agents have to come out here to investigat investigate. the 3 agents headed to spot just 3 miles north of the border. they headed up a desert hill somebody fired right at them. in what is bngescribed as an ambush. gentork in stion med two week ago for brian terri lt agent fatally shot on duty. his death from firearms ignite add fire storm. unknown if the weapon that killed ivy has any link to that now famous controversy what is clear here is just how dangerous le can be. >> agent ivy died in the line of dut. precting our nation against those who threaten our way of life. his death only strengthen our resolve. >>reporter: the terrain is so rough it could be days before agents done processing the crime scene. for now the flags at the station remain lowered and agents remain i warng. onighte now know wt caus a row of ats to come lose on 3 separate american airlines flights. of only the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> there's a familiar sound for fleet week fans. blue angel spent the afternoon practicing those jaw dropping maneuvers that they are so famous for. they will be out practicing again tomorrow before the saturday and sunday prformanc as wl. ifou were anywhe along the san francisco waterfront today you could not help but notice them overhead. a lot of sailors in town as well. wayne has the story. >> just when it seemed safe to take a nice quiet walk in san francisco. no need to duck or hover, this is fleet week. >> i love the formation. that they make. just the show itself. i love the sound. >>reporter: and if you can catch a blue angel on the ground he will explain the process behind today's the landmark as check points. >> i'm flight leader i look for the check points. the check points that awill you me to get in and out of the show box safely and effectively. >>reporter: across the bay coast guar
a stunning work of technology. introducing the entirely new lexus es. and e first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> dan: we've heard so much about the little league team from petaluma. fantastic story but what you may not know there is another boy's team that made it to its own world series. its team that overcame great diversity >> reporter: it was heartache in mudville the last time we visited san jose's am. hundreds of kids were abou to begin new season of basall en they fod outll their money was gone. >> we got common reaction. >> the company was counted me in. of bellevue washington. hundreds of families paid but count me in kept the funds, then went bankrupt. >> thats at is sad abou this itstaki away fomids. >>t washuge loss,30,0, go. no money forid, no money forum peirs or uniforms, threatening a 30-year tradition of pony baseball in blossom valley except the families did not give up. the families contacted "7 on your side". i reported about tir plht and t community stepped up to the plate. >> everybody contributes and volunteers, that the strength of
with technolog and ste toatch your achievents and desires. ♪ the question is where will your new es take you? ♪ introducing the all-new lexus es. >>> theater company that started in a star front is starting its 10th anniversar with a bdmove. san ansco playhoe is ving to bigger theater an openg wi a controversial musical next week. don sanchez has the preview. ♪ >> reporter: rehearsal of bloody bloody andrew jackson remembering the 7th president as a rock star performing as construction goes on around them. >> we built the stage out over the first six rows so they are still under there. >> they are creating an intimate space with 200 seats, double what they had for the first ten years of sf playhouse on center street. >> when we started basically standing in union scare he would stand there every day handing out flyers and some of our subscribers are still here from those days. >> because they do shows that have a special connection to the audience. >> the way i like to define it is we make traditional theater edgy and make edgy theater accessible. >> we look for plays that drag the audie
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)